Workshop Format

Workshop Format

IDSSC 2024 invites all experts and trainers to workshop activities that will contribute to the developments in artificial intelligence applications and sectors. We welcome you to give your workshop suggestions, which are not limited to congress topics.

By May 27, 2024, a summary introduction letter for the proposed workshop, including the topic title, duration, target audience, estimated number of participants, and general outlines of the content, must be sent electronically to the e-mail address in WORD or PDF file format.

 A list of similar workshops held in recent years (if any) should be submitted.

A brief CV of the expert or educator should be submitted.

The duration of the workshop can vary from 0.5 days to 2 days.

Selection will be based on the scientific and technical attractiveness of the workshop topic, its potential to attract the attention of IDSSC 2024 participants, the experience of the presenters, and the overall balance in the workshop program.