Uluslararası Veri Bilimi ve İstatistik Kongresi IDSSC 2024

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Turkish Statistical Association (TİD), as an organization that works to ensure the correct use and understanding of Statistical Science at all levels of society, being an important branch of science which is included in the application areas in all branches of science and is an active part of decision processes, has been organizing International Statistical Congresses (İSTKON) for a quarter of a century. The 12th of these important congresses, will be organized under the name "International Data Science and Statistics Congress IDSSC 2024" with the main theme of “Artificial Intelligence”, being the current concept of our age.


IDSSC 2024 is an event open to all fields interested in data analysis. The congress will cover all conceivable fields dealing with data analysis, from engineering to art, from economics to sociology, from statistics to health, from education to psychology. It offers a unique platform for leading international and domestic experts, statisticians, data scientists and artificial intelligence developers in government agencies, private sector, industry and academia, to exchange ideas and explore collaboration opportunities. Additionally, this event will provide an environment where entry-level statisticians, data analysts and students will have the opportunity to learn and interact with the experienced members of the profession.


Our congress will be covering topics such as ‘Innovations in the Fields of Data Science and Statistics’, ‘Future Vision and Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Data Management’, ‘Data Analytics’, ‘Business Strategies', ‘Machine Learning’, along with applications such as the ‘Use of Personal Data and Problems’, ‘Data Governance and Privacy’.




Keynotes: Speakers, experts and thought leaders in the field, discuss current trends in data science, challenges, future developments and artificial intelligence.


Academic and Technical Sessions: Academic and technical aspects of data science are covered, under topics such as artificial intelligence, data analysis techniques, statistical methods and the use of data science.


Panel Sessions: Experts discuss hot topics, current challenges, and the future direction of data science and artificial intelligence.


Case Studies/Hands-on Workshops: Hands-on sessions present real-world applications of data science, success stories, and how organizations leverage data to achieve business goals.


Workshops and Training: Provide participants with practical skills and tools. These sessions cover specific software tools, programming languages, or data science methodologies.


Exhibitions: Feature data science and analytics-related products and services from technology companies and service providers.


The synergy created with this important event, will provide a suitable environment for a better understanding and more widespread and accurate use of ‘Statistics’, ‘Data Science’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in our country.


We will be very pleased to meet with you at our IDSSC 2024 Congress which will be held in Ankara Sheraton Hotel and Convention Center between 15 and 18 October.


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